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Our Why

We believe all people can embrace who they are, can define their future, and can change the world.

From the of…
Healthy Place Legacy CEO, Val McLeod
My amazing journey to Healthy Place Now.

It’s nearly unfathomable that a woman who once weighed over 600 pounds would one day become an advocate for health, wellness and longevity…but GOD!

With an ‘ALL things are possible to those who believe’ faith-filled focus, I am delighted for each opportunity to encourage and empower others to have that “overcoming the odds” confidence. From childhood, my life’s intention has centered around helping people improve their lives in meaningful ways.

When the door opened for me to join Healthy Place Now as the Legacy division’s CEO, I knew it was a divine appointment. Since 2014, transforming our wellbeing from the inside out, is the approach to whole-life wellness that has had my complete attention and gets my absolute approval. #iValU

Val McLeod, a gifted B2B synergy facilitator with an acumen to influence thinking, forge strategic alliance and build consensus among partners who are committed to creating win-win collaborative deliverables.

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Our Mission

The Healthy Place Legacy mission is to help organizations and institutions to transform lives, increase vitality and life value by creating a living legacy of health and wealth with our pure, 100% organic full-spectrum products.

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Our Vision

Healthy Place Legacy envisions that we will empower organizations and institutions through education, pure organic products, and a consistent stream of income, that will enable those organizations with the sustainable ability to live as well as leave a legacy of health and wealth to those they serve.


A revolutionary model that helps nonprofit organizations, Healthy Place Legacy offers 100% organic, natural wellness products that have amazing research-based health benefits, with an absolutely no risk fundraising opportunity.

Best From Us

Our Advantages

Unlike any other private – nonprofit partnership, Healthy Place Legacy brings dual solutions to breaking cycles of health and wealth disparities. Our relationship‐based service model addresses organizational revenue/funding needs while providing a mechanism to create levels of health, fitness and longevity that everyone desires and deserves.

We are trusted by customers around the globe.
  • Intelligent Advice

    Since 2017, Healthy Place Botanicals has been a trusted natural wellness source. Our Health-Egrity® assures that we stand totally behind the quality of our 100% organic products.

  • Unique Solution

    We simply cannot overstate how extremely honored we are to serve Healthy Place Legacy partners. Trust that you will have our full commitment in supporting your organizational health and wealth-building goals because… ‘ALL things are indeed possible, to those who believe!’

Behind Our Success

Meet Our Team

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Val McLeod

Chief Executive Officer

Val McLeod, from Miami, Florida, a global influencer, is an organizational growth & development expert with a phenomenal personal story of losing nearly 400 pounds. Truly a transformative leader, Val brings Value Abundance & Love to every heart she encounters.

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Joe Saxby


Joe Saxby, a native of South Carolina, served in the United States Air Force and the National Guard. His Business Management acumen includes tremendous success in the insurance and real estate industries. A poetic prophet, with a miraculous testimony of health recovery, Joe firmly believes that prayer is the greatest power source to engineer pervasive prosperity.

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Renee James

Sr. VP Branding,
Marketing & Communications

Renee James, a senior marketer with over 25 years of experience in creative brand and marketing management, including creating and implementing traditional and nontraditional marketing strategies and media plans (TV, Radio, OTT, Social and Digital), as well as blog writing for SEO and SEM optimization. Renee recognizes and loves sharing that her amazing gifts, talents, expertise and success is from the LORD.

The Healthy Place Legacy division is committed to providing 100% organic Healthy Place Botanical products to people who need them most. In instances, where resources are limited, please help us to help others. Veterans groups like Vets Lives Matter Now will be among our Sow a Seed recipients.