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Zip Away Oil - 10ml


Zip Away Oil

Cannabinoid receptors in the skin contribute to faster absorption and quicker results. There are research studies as well as anecdotal evidence of the myriad of benefits of hemp-infused topical products such as our Zip Away formulas. These may include muscle tension and muscle cramping, skin scratches and rashes, bug bites, itching, rough elbows or heels and mild sunburn to name a few. You may also choose to seek out reputable information sources to learn more about the wellness benefits of the various essential oils in our products. Scientists have found that, in many cases, a combination of supportive ingredients in a formulation tends to have a synergistic effect which may enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of any given product over just a single ingredient product.


Important Notification
These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. Our products should not be used to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any disease. If you are nursing, pregnant, on medication, or under a doctor's care always consult with your physician prior to consuming any nutritional supplements. Results may not be typical, individual results will vary. Products are made in a facility that uses Baobab and Coconut oil from the Tree Nut Family

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The Healthy Place Legacy division is committed to providing 100% organic Healthy Place Botanical products to people who need them most. In instances, where resources are limited, please help us to help others. Veterans groups like Vets Lives Matter Now will be among our Sow a Seed recipients.